Very limited in person classes are being held at the Indio and Palm Springs offices, we will contact you if you are eligible to attend in person. We are continuing to see intakes in person AND via telehealth (Zoom). We are continuing our telehealth Group, Face to Face, and Education classes through the month of May.

Group classes are limited to 15 participants and education sessions are limited to 35 participants. Additional classes will be added as more people sign up.

To attend you will need to return the remote client services form (please call our office and we will send via Adobe Sign)

Please register and pay for all classes at least 48 hours in advance. Payments can be made at

If you need assistance joining a Zoom meeting please see this article.

To join a test meeting to check your speakers, camera, and microphone please visit this page.

We recommend joining the meeting via laptop or tablet. If you must use your phone we recommend you have a stand of some sort–it is very tiring to hold your phone up for two hours. Some participants have a better audio experience using headphones with a built in microphone.

Available classes are listed below:

Click here to register for the Monday 9am GROUP for INDIO participants

Click here to register for the Monday 4pm GROUP for PALM SPRINGS participants

Click here to register for the Monday 7pm GROUP for INDIO participants

Click here to register for the Wednesday 10am GROUP for INDIO participants

Click here to register for the Wednesday 10am GROUP for PALM SPRINGS participants

Any participants that need EDUCATION classes can register for the Thursday 10am-12pm EDUCATION class here.

Click here to register for the Thursday 3pm GROUP for PALM SPRINGS participants.

All participants that need a PHASE II / RE-ENTRY Session can register for the Wednesday 5pm class here

Or the PHASE II / RE-ENTRY Session Friday at 3 pm here

Any participants that need FACE to FACE (Individual sessions) can register for the Tuesday 3pm session here or the Friday 12:30pm session here. Individuals will be seen first come first served. After registering and paying you will receive the meeting link. The counselor will allow one person into the meeting at a time from the waiting room. Do not be alarmed if you see a screen saying “the host will let you in shortly” this means you are waiting in line and will be seen in the order that you arrived.

If you still need self-help meeting attendance here are two alternatives to in person AA/NA meetings:

Write a 2 paragraph paper on a news article or a one page single spaced report on a documentary pertaining to alcohol, drugs, and/or DUI effects on individuals, families and society.
The news article + report can take the place of 1 self-help meeting and the Documentary and report counts as 2 meetings. Completed writing assignments can be returned to info(at)

You can also register at where there are a variety of online 12 step meetings. You will need to make an account. After attending and participating in a meeting you must fill out the “Request Meeting Attendance Confirmation” form. Forward this confirmation to and we will enter your self-help meeting attendance.