Wet Reckless (SB1176) PDF Print E-mail

Individuals convicted of a "wet-reckless" offense must complete the SB1176 6 week alcohol education program consisting of:

  • 30 minutes - Intake and AOD Assessment 
  • 12 hours - Education (6 classes at two hours each)
  • 30 minutes - Exit Interview
  • 3 Self-Help Meetings

The SB1176 wet reckless educational classes will consist of lectures, videos, and other materials which provide information on the use and effects of alcohol and other drugs and the impact of these substances on the individual, the family, and society. The wet reckless offense is not considered a DUI but may be required by court, DMV, or both.

The SB1176 Wet Reckless program cannot be completed online if you live in California. A BACtrack breathalyzer may help you avoid a DUI in the first place.