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See below for information on the program and services we offer. If you have additional questions please call the office at (760)342-1233. We are here to help! Contact us today to get enrolled in your court or DMV required DUI or Drug Diversion program

DUI (Driving Under the Influence)






SB1176 (12 hour / Wet Reckless)

Individuals convicted of a “wet-reckless” offense must complete the SB1176 6 week alcohol education program consisting of:

  • 30 minutes – Intake and AOD Assessment 
  • 12 hours – Education (6 classes at two hours each)
  • 30 minutes – Exit Interview
  • 3 Self-Help Meetings

Allowed absences: 2

The SB1176 wet reckless educational classes will consist of lectures, videos, and other materials which provide information on the use and effects of alcohol and other drugs and the impact of these substances on the individual, the family, and society. The wet reckless offense is not considered a DUI but may be required by court, DMV, or both.

Enrollment: $87
Fee per class: $31
Total cost of program: $273


AB541 (30 hour)

Individuals convicted of a first DUI offense must complete an AB541 program consisting of: 

  • 18 hours – Group Counseling (Nine weeks of 2 hour sessions)
  • 12 hours – Education (Six weeks of 2 hour sessions)
  • 3 Individual interviews lasting a minimum of 15 minutes each
  • 8 Self-Help Meetings (AA, NA, Al-Anon)

Allowed Absences: 5

The AB-541 program is typically required for those convicted of a first-time DUI with a blood alcohol concentration less than (<) .20%

Please be aware that the California Department of Motor Vehicles does not accept out of state or online only programs. To reinstate a driver’s license the DMV requires completion of the AB541 program in the state of California at an approved program. The Awareness Group is licensed by the State of California and approved by Riverside County.

Need to enroll in the AB541 program? Enrollment information can be found here. Due to variations across the state of California, some counties refer to the AB541 as a 4 month program and others as a 3 month program–the total number of hours required does NOT vary from county to county.

Enrollment: $68
Fee per class: $31
Total cost of program: $595


AB762 (6 month)

Individuals ordered by the court to attend an AB762 6 month program must complete:

  • 32 hours – Group Counseling (16 Two hour sessions)
  • 12 hours – Education (6 Two hour sessions)
  • 4 Individual interviews lasting a minimum of 15 minutes each
  • 12 Self-Help Meetings

The AB762 program is not common in Riverside County but we are able to accommodate those convicted in other counties that require this program.

Enrollment must be done in person. The AB762 DUI program cannot be done online if you live in California. (Exceptions to this are made during covid19, telehealth is currently allowed through December of 2022)

Enrollment: $91
Fee per class: $31
Total cost of program: $866


AB1353 (9 month)

First time DUI offenders ordered to attend an AB1353 9 month education program must complete:

  • 50 hours – Group Counseling (25 Two hour sessions)
  • 12 hours – Education (6 Two hour sessions)
  • 6 Individual interviews lasting a minimum of 15 minutes each
  • 18 Self-Help Meetings

Allowed absences: 7

The AB-1353 nine-month program is typically ordered for first time offenders with a BAC above (>) .20

Please be aware that the California Department of Motor Vehicles does not accept out of state or online programs. To reinstate a driver’s license the DMV requires completion of the AB1353 9 month program in the state of California at an approved program.

Enrollment: $203
Fee per class: $31
Total cost of program: $1,319


SB38 (18-Month Education Program)

Individuals ordered to complete an SB38 18 month program must attend:

Phase I (First 12 months)

Allowed absences: 10

During Phase 1 all participants will come once every other week for a two hour group, and attend a 15 minute individual the alternating weeks. Participants will have to continue attending face to face sessions until all 26 groups and 6 educations are completed.

Phase II (Final 6 months)
  • 6 hours – Re-entry Counseling (Six one hour groups – once a month)

During Phase II all participants will come once a month for a one hour session.

Enrollment: $67
Fee per class: $31 (Phase I)
$20 (Phase II)
Total cost of program: $1,985

Pre-trial Drug Diversion Program


PC1000 (30 hour)

Individuals granted a Pre-Trial Diversion Program (PC1000) must complete a 16 week program to satisfy the court, consisting of:

  • 30 Minutes – Enrollment Interview
  • 20 Hours – Education
  • 30 Minutes – Mid-Program Individual Session
  • 10 Hours – Group Counseling
  • 30 Minutes – Exit Interview

Allowed absences: 5

The Penal Code 1000 program typically replaces jail time with drug education classes–“Pre-Trial Diversion.” All participants must be referred by a court. For more information on enrolling please Contact Us.

Our PC 1000 program is approved by Riverside County and will satisfy many courts across the state of California. If you were convicted in Riverside County you may enroll in our program with your court referral. If you were convicted outside of Riverside County but need to attend PC1000 classes in Riverside County then you may need to ask your court of conviction to approve our program. California residents may not take an online PC 1000 program.

We offer PC 1000 at our Indio and Palm Springs offices. All PC1000 participants attend once a week for two hours.

We will notify the court of your enrollment and completion of the program. Successfully completing the diversion program will typically result in the charges being erased from your record (as long as all other probation requirements are met). Please contact your court of conviction for further details. Penal Code 1000 (PC1000) can be read here. Although we provide PC1000 classes, The Awareness Group does not provide legal counsel; we recommend consulting with an attorney or public defender to ensure you fully understand the PC1000 program.

Enrollment fee: $70
Fee per class $27
Total cost of program: $496

Howard's Group - Substance Abuse Outpatient Treatment


This program is NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED.  Howard’s Group is an affordable, outpatient alcohol and drug education treatment group designed to allow participants to explore their alcohol and other drug use or abuse. Services are provided by State certified counselors that have a proven record of helping clients to become alcohol/drug free.

Howard’s Group consists of ninety-minute outpatient classes, along with individual counseling and treatment planning sessions. Other sessions may be scheduled to tailor the program to a participant’s individual needs. All participants are expected to be drug and alcohol free when attending Howard’s Group. Testing will be required. Howard’s Group counselors can provide drug/alcohol testing as a standalone service as well to monitor sobriety.

Group topics include:

• Medical & Physical Aspects of Use and Abuse
• The Addiction Process
• Denial & Planning for Recovery
• Impact of Alcohol and Drug Use on Society
• Family and Individual Addiction
• Special Health Issues for Addicts and Alcoholics
• Co-Dependency Behaviors
• Relapse Prevention
• Sober Recreation
• Stress Management
• Communication Skill Building
• Overcoming Barriers to Recovery
• Why 12-Step Programs
• Identifying Craving Triggers and Urges
• How to Stay Clean and Sober
• Refusal Skills

Drug Testing Services


We are a drug testing center serving the greater Coachella Valley. Great for pre-employment screening and random drug testing. Testing services includes:

U.A. (Urinary analysis) via 12 Panel iCup (In house)

Tests for: Methamphetamine, Opiate, Phencyclidine, Benzodiazepines, Tricyclic Antidepressants, Barbiturates, Oxycodone, Propoxyphene, Methadone, Amphetamine, Cocaine, Marijuana.

Test Results: Immediate

Cost: $50 per test

Breathalyzer (In house)

Tests for: alcohol

Test Results: Immediate

Cost: $20 per test

 Laboratory Testing (Out of house)

Tests for: Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, Marijuana, Methadone, Opiates, Phencyclidine, Propoxyphene.

Test Results: 2-3 days

Cost: $75 per test

 You may download an optional referral form by Clicking Here

Out of State Assessments & Evaluations

Did you get a drug or DUI charge while in another state, but now find yourself in California and need to satisfy your requirements? Let us help by providing the referring agency an assessment/evaluation recommendation.

For this appointment, you will need sufficient documentation regarding your case to accurately and effectively perform the assessment. Submit copies of documents to the office. Once they have been reviewed by our evaluator, we will call you to schedule an office appointment or request additional documentation. 

Cost: $120