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 Individuals convicted of a first DUI offense must complete an AB541 program consisting of: 

  • 18 hours - Group Counseling (Nine weeks of 2 hour sessions)
  • 12 hours - Education (Six weeks of 2 hour sessions)
  • 3 Individual interviews lasting a minimum of 15 minutes each
  • 8 Self-Help Meetings (AA, NA, Al-Anon)
Allowed Absences: 5

The AB-541 program is typically required for those convicted of a first time DUI with a blood alcohol concentration less than (<) .20%. Please note that DUI can refer to alcohol, drugs, or alcohol and drugs.

AB541 DUI classes are offered at our Indio and Palm Springs offices.

Please be aware that the California Department of Motor Vehicles does not accept out of state or online programs. To reinstate a driver's license the DMV requires completion of the AB541 program in the state of California at an approved program. The Awareness Group is licensed by the State of California and approved by Riverside County.

Need to enroll in the AB541 program? Enrollment information can be found
here. Due to variations across the state of California, some counties refer to the AB541 as a 4 month program and others as a 3 month program--the total number of hours required does NOT vary from county to county.