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Individuals ordered to complete an SB38 18 month program must attend:

Phase I (First 12 months) 

  • 52 hours - Group Counseling (26 Two hour sessions)
  • 12 hours - Education (6 Two hour sessions)
  • A minimum of 26 individual interviews lasting at least 15 minutes each
  • A minimum of 26 Self-Help Meetings
During Phase 1 all participants will come once every other week for a two hour group, and attend a 15 minute individual the alternating weeks. Participants will have to continue attending face to face sessions until all 26 groups and 6 educations are completed.

Phase II (Final 6 months)
  • 6 hours - Re-entry Counseling (6 One hour groups)
During Phase II all participants will come once a month for a one hour session.

Weekly Payment: $31

Allowed Absences: 10