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We have been approved for Medi-Cal and are currently offering outpatient drug free (ODF) services in Indio. Call us today and schedule an appointment to enroll.
Outpatient Drug Free (ODF) Services will be covered for consumers that are eligible for Medi-Cal and demonstrate medical necessity for treatment.
Self-Pay is available for those who do not qualify for Medi-Cal.

Howard's Group is an affordable, outpatient alcohol and drug education treatment group designed to allow participants to explore their alcohol and other drug use or abuse. Howard’s Group services are provided by State certified counselors that have a proven record of helping clients to become alcohol/drug free.

Howard’s Group consists of ninety minute outpatient classes, along with individual counseling and treatment planning sessions. Other sessions may be scheduled to tailor the program to a participant's individual needs.

All participants are expected to be drug and alcohol free when attending Howard’s Group. Testing will be required. Howard's Group counselors can provide drug/alcohol testing as a standalone service as well to monitor sobriety.

Group topics include:

• Medical & Physical Aspects of Use and Abuse
• The Addiction Process
• Denial & Planning for Recovery
• Impact of Alcohol and Drug Use on Society
• Family and Individual Addiction
• Special Health Issues for Addicts and Alcoholics
• Co-Dependency Behaviors
• Relapse Prevention
• Sober Recreation
• Stress Management
• Communication Skill Building
• Overcoming Barriers to Recovery
• Why 12-Step Programs
• Identifying Craving Triggers and Urges
• How to Stay Clean and Sober
• Refusal Skills

The Awareness Program/Howard's Group does not discriminate against any program participants because of race, national origin, ethnicity, sex, sexual preference, religion, gender, age, marital status, medical condition or mental or physical disability, or any other characteristic protected by state and federal law. The Awareness Group will not tolerate any form of discrimination.