Please see the following announcement from the California Department of Motor Vehicles regarding the DMV H6 driving history being discontinued.

“Effective March 20, 2019, driver records formerly referred to as an “H6” or “10 year record” that included information intended for internal department purposes are no longer available. Driver records will only include all reportable information: convictions for three, seven, or ten years, departmental actions, and accidents on a person’s driver record as required by California Vehicle Code section 1808.”
– Department of Motor Vehicles

As an alternative, you may enroll as a DMV Only case with a K4 document, the pink DMV Admin-Per-Se form, or other documentation from a court or DMV showing a DUI arrest or conviction. Due to the covid19 pandemic we can enroll anyone that needs a California DUI program via telehealth (Zoom). If you are looking for a DUI program near you look no further than the Awareness Group. We offer California court and DMV approved wet-reckless, AB541 (3 month), 6 month, 9month (AB1353) and Multiple offender (SB38) DUI programs. For more information about telehealth services please visit

For additional information, contact us at 760.342.1233 or the California DMV Mandatory Actions Unit (MAU) at (916)657-6525.